Start Loving Your Life as an Oxygen Yoga and Fitness Franchisee

Hear Jen, Fireside at The Pacific Club

The Pacific Club presents Jen Hamilton, CEO of Oxygen Yoga & Fitness.

Oxygen Yoga & Fitness is a well-known Canada-wide franchise with over 60 locations and growing, that offers a wide selection of classes.  Oxygen’s philosophy is  helping people to adopt a healthy lifestyle,  using yoga as a foundation,  and incorporating other fitness methods.

CEO and founder of Oxygen, Jen Hamilton, joins us on October 19th for an exclusive fireside chat about her experience in building such a large brand in a short period of time, and her passion for empowering others to make lifestyle changes for better health and personal growth.  We will discuss how she got started in the fitness industry, and grew the company to what it is today – all while learning to love fear as a single parent of three – and following her dreams.  You’ve certainly heard of Jen and her company online, on the radio, and in print before – her personality is dynamic and her energy is compelling.  This is one entrepreneur, business professional and insightful speaker not to be missed.






When: 6:30 – 8:30pm, Thursday October 19th

Where: The Vancouver Club (915 W Hastings St, Vancouver)

Tickets: Free for Pacific Club Members; $45 for guests

Format:  Fireside chat with Jen

The 7 Benefits of Owning Your Own Franchise

The 7 Benefits of Owning Your Own Franchise

Top 7 Benefits of Owning Your Fitness Franchise with Oxygen Yoga

There are many different reasons why someone considers owning their own fitness franchise business.  Owning your own business has so many perks and benefits from flexibility to independence to being in charge of your own destiny.

These benefits are amazing in and of themselves… and there are even more benefits to running your own Yoga & Fitness Franchise.

  1. Building Community.  I absolutely love that I get to give back to the community by helping to build a nourishing safe haven for people to come and release their day.  They get to meet other like-minded people and build relationships that will last a lifetime.
  2. We meet new friends.  The community, or Sagha, is an integral part of the yoga practice.  I’ve met so many wonderful and interesting people, students, teachers and other franchise owners.  Sharing stories with others at the studio is one of my favourite joys.  I learn much and laugh often.
  3. We get to see people grow and change.  Many times when people walk into the studio they are rushed and overwhelmed from their day.  After class we get to see them come out less stressed and anxious, more connected.  Overtime we observe these changes on a bigger scale.  We get to see people become more connect and content in their lives… there is no better gift.
  4. When I’m having a rough day, I always feel better after work. There are days when I am tired or stressed, when I don’t feel like coming into the studio.  However, after just a few minutes at the studio everything starts to change. I get to see my members, my friends. I remember that the studio is serving a bigger purpose, helping others to release stress and find more contentment.  Instantly my problems don’t seem so big and before I know it I am smiling and humming.
  5. Help with new marketing ideas.  Running your own business is a lot of work.  It is rewarding, but you also really have to stay on top of new trends, new marketing ideas ect.  When you are part of a franchise there is help and support with that.  At corporate they watch what is happening in the market and they help studios to adjust, from software to social media to new fitness trends
  6. Support.  As with any business, challenges will come up.  Owning a yoga and fitness franchise connects you with other owners, managers, instructors and corporate. All of these amazing people can help offer suggestions and support when you are faced with a challenge.  Chances are, if you are having  a problem someone else in the franchise has had the same problem and can help with the solution!
  7. We get to go to work to breath.  Simple as that.  At work, I breathe.  I connect with myself and my community.  What job (if you can call it that) could be better?!
















How to make it in the fitness industry

How to make it in the fitness industry

The fitness industry is billion dollar industry with no signs of slowing down. To be successful in the industry you have to find a product and method that will set you apart from everyone else. There must be something unique to offer the world. Technology moves fast, it is easier to market products quicker then you can patent or trademark. More people are taking advantage of this and rightfully so, as you no longer have to sell things the old fashioned way. This can always be a sink hole for people who are buying into false advertising. Because of this acceleration in entrepreneurship and the accessibility of being able to advertise or sell literally anything, society is learning you can’t always trust what you see or hear.

Anyone who has lived within the past few decades have seen their far share of fitness equipment, phases and crazies. In the 50’s there was the vibrating belt, the electric shock belt, the treadmill bike and the thigh master. All effective in their own way, and some more than others. What really works are traditional styles and methods of physical activities such as yoga. Yoga have not just been around for decades but have been around centuries. It has survived cultural evolution for a reason. Yoga are flat out effective and therapeutic. Without a doubt there are new developments and techniques that have come around since that are likely to be around a long time as well, but there a few physical techniques that will die.

Yoga has been around for centuries because delivers a total mind body transformation. Although it seems like just the lasts craze it is far from that. In fact, it is now apart of a new cultural shift. Obesity and chronic illness has been a developing issue especially in North America. There has been a lack of care in the food and drug industry that has propelled us into disaster. Fast food is more affordable then fresh food so families have been forced to take the easy route. There is an increase in behaviour issues involving our youth which has been linked to our food source and lack of physical activity. Because of these problems, collectively we have been forced to revaluate our selves and our choices.

This where the fitness industry skyrockets. People need something to help them creative healthier life styles. And of course everyone wants the quick and easy way out. That’s when diet pills, diet foods and quick cheap weight loss “health” gimmicks come into play. Little did we know how much more damage we were doing to ourselves. Instead of changing our habits to fix the problem, we basically put a band –aid on it. Only for us to bounce back into old routines dues to the fact that NO ONE can live off grapefruit juice, and peanut butter their whole life.

So we learned our lesson…but now what? We all wasted our money, time and hopes. We have learnt that quick, cheap and easy is not the total life style change we and hoped for. What is worth our time, effort and money is things that work and things we can do to last us a lifetime. We are guiding ourselves to things that of substance, such as yoga. Not only is this helping us by getting us physically active again, but it also is helping us to learn how reconnect to life. It is a time away from our day to day life, including stress and the constant attachment to technology. Yoga encourages us to appreciate our bodies, push limitations and reconnect as a community.

Yes, yoga is part of that billion, dollar industry but it there because it is effective. What is even better is we can have made yoga more accessible to the general public. We have modernized some aspects to allow people of all different religious background can benefit from the physical while still being able to practice their own religious beliefs. We have introduced yoga in to the school systems so young students can learn not just become physically active but also learn to relax through the breathing techniques and develop healthy relationships with their self image The stereotype’s have gone and now everyone whether rich or poor, young or old can benefit.

Why invest in a quick gimmick that will likely burn out before they even start, when you can invest in yoga? The fitness industry is huge and getting to the market with a product that actually works and will continue to be a thriving business. This is what will separate you in the franchise world. If you want to be a business owner, it is wise to invest in the franchise. People will seek out your business as consumers and the business world will respect you. The franchises are a safe a practical investment especially when involved with a proven service.

Franchise Instructors

Franchise Instructors

There is a community that is automatically established when being involved in a franchise. From the employees to the CEO, we are all working together as a team. Oxygen Yoga & Fitness values its relationship between the head office team, to the studio owners, to the instructors. The franchise instructors connect to the community, and help change the lives of many. On the other side of this, we couldn’t do what we do with out the support and hard work of the teams who run the franchise. As an instructor working for the franchise, having the support and a such a wide spread specialty studio, everyone is to benefit from this.

Because we are a franchise, the class types have been set in place that set us apart from all other yoga studios. Yes, we offer the traditional types of yoga but we also offer yoga with a twist. These classes have been proven to help heal injuries, strengthen bodies and minds, helped to heal ailments and many have lost weight and toned up from committing to our studios. This makes it more inspiring to be an instructor with such a successful studio. We love to hear how it has made a positive impact on people. When you work for a trusted brand, you are proud to let people know where you teach, and are always trying to get more people to come in.

There is a network of other teachers banding together to provide a fun supportive environment for all clients and each other. Instructors and other owners help each other when needed. Now that we are expanding to more cities across Canada, we have opportunity to continue our practice or perhaps even continue teaching what we love and for a company we can trust. Instructors also have the benefit of growing with the company, help connect the franchise to new technologies and events. Instructors often help each other out. When there are new job openings, the instructors help each other to connect to the resources they need.

The franchise offers the same class types so, when instructors are trained to be able to teach these classes we are able to teach at any location. This is help for us and studio owners as well. The studios have access to teachers who are familiar with the classes and the heated element. Instructors know what to expect when coming into a new franchise. They are difference but all have the same key components and expectations. We are trained on the same computer programs as well. We are a well rounded team of instructors who know how to teach an effective class and have the background knowledge of how to get people signed in for classes and can do the basic transactions. The best business function when you have a good system set in place.

This particular franchise is a positive business because it helps improve the health of people. It is a good service to the community reaching out to young kids with our Little Yogis programs as well as having divers training to help those in older generations. There is something for everyone. A special studio to be open to all walks of life. The Oxygen Yoga & Fitness franchise is a family of people working together to provide a quality service to our community.

10 benefits of being a franchise owner

10 benefits of being a franchise owner

Over the last few decades more and more people are wanting to take ownership of their lives. That includes working for themselves and no longer working in places where they feel over worked, under paid and not appreciated. They want to be the creators of better lives for themselves as well as develop a better work environment for others. Starting you own business can be risky and doing it alone can be challenging. This why franchises are on the rise. Franchises offer a professional team that have built a strategic business plan, provide the tools and training that would not otherwise be done when opening a private business. This gives an owner the independence of owning a business with a brand or product already recognized. The opportunity to be YOUR OWN BOSS but have the comfort of an already established brand and a plan, will put you on the fast track to success.

Top 10 benefits of being a franchise owner.

1.Trusted Brands.

Let’s face it, money can be hard to earn and people want to spend their hard earned cash on products and services they know they can trust. With large brands they hold expectation, therefore they are more willing to put their money into it. When a brand is recognized on a large scale it building trust in consumer’s eyes because something so well established would only produce the best product or service.


Franchises are have strong systems implemented to insure you are successful. There is a step by step process supported by professionals who have the knowledge and experience in the industry. They know what works and what doesn’t. They also provide marketing systems and computer systems to ensure the growth of the business and keep it up to date.

3.Training Programs.

There are always many levels to any business. For example, just ordering a coffee from a large franchise involves an outstanding number of steps and people in order to provide that latte. This is another system already set up for you. When opening a privately owned business it is the responsibility of the owner and/or managers to create a training programs. This however, could result in failed systems due to trial and error.


The general public is hardly able to keep up with how quick the latest phones are, let alone how quick new things are being developed to improve our business. Again, when with a franchise the name is known on a bigger scale. If you were to own a private business in a more rural city, there is a less likely chance of new technologies being brought to your attention. These technologies are absolutely necessary in the longevity of your business. With a well-known brand, these technologies are brought to you and again the training on these systems will be taught as well.


Similar to technology and systems. The marketing strategies are already in place. There are recourses available to you, which is more cost and time effective. The less time strategizing your own marketing the more time you spend on keeping the quality of your business up to standards. Of course there is some time and money required to keep the marketing on going, but the support is there to make sure the money isn’t wasted on poor marketing decisions.

6.Real Estate.

What is one of the most important parts of having a successful business? Location, Location, Location! This is when that team comes in handy. The have knowledgeable realtors who will put in a place that is of an advantage to you. They will have the inside information on who else is developing around you. Example is if you were to open a yoga studio, are there other fitness facilities nearby that maybe a disadvantage or are there other business that could be an advantage to you by attracting cliental that would benefit from your product or service.


Along with technology, there are many areas of networking that could be difficult for someone to come by or manage. Could your business benefit someone else’s? That team of professionals that is backing you up, if out in the business world finding new ways to improve the franchise. One less thing for you to do. On the contrary, because franchises are well known brands there is a hirer possibility of you and other franchise owners networking to ensure the success of the brand as a whole.

8.Track Record.

Investing in a franchise there is a clear indication on how well they are doing based on the recorded evidence of already functioning franchises. The trail an error is not something you will need to worry about. The product or service speaks for itself and has been proven to be successful.

9.Construction Set Up.

Do you know where to buy an industrial sized pizza oven? Not many people do. Sure, a few hours of searching on the internet you might come up with something but it would be easier and save you time if those materials were provided to you. The research in find reputable contractors is set up and they have the experience and knowledge of what will provide you a eye catching and well-functioning facility.

10.Buying Power.

This also goes back to networking. The brand is already well known, there is a corporation behind your business wheeling and dealing for you. They have the power to make deals with other corporations that will have their own service to enhance the efficacy and success of the entire franchise.

Over all there is a huge advantage of owning a franchise, as it is clear you will be secure and support each step of the way. There is a something you can offer your community you know they will need, with it will be a rewards by opening up job opportunities that you know will succeed. You will not be left alone in unique situations that require assistance. The latest and greats resources will be brought to you to maintaining growth, as technology is ever changing. Being a franchise owner is the freedom to be independent and live the life that you dream of.

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