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Oxygen Yoga and Fitness provides a novel style and program of yoga and is especially appealing to those who are passionate about fitness and a healthy lifestyle.  Those interested in joining the franchise network can share their passion in an environment that benefits them physically and emotionally, and will give them financial freedom while doing something they love.

Oxygen philosophy is helping people to adopt a healthy lifestyle using yoga as a foundation and incorporating other fitness methods.  Members find that by incorporating diversified fitness styles with yoga they remain stimulated by always experiencing something new.  They can vary their routine to keep it interesting and more refreshing while exploring new techniques.


We have state of the art infrared heated studios that are proven help oxygen members to burn double the calories while providing them with a great detox! Infrared Heat is an invisible wave of energy that has the ability to penetrate all the layers of the human body allowing the most inner regions of our bodies to benefit from the heat. Naturally Infrared waves are emitted from the sun, our hands and our bodies. By using the Far Infrared heating in our studios our members are able to benefit from this therapy by detoxifying, and eliminating heavy metals and carcinogens from their bodies. As waves are absorbed by your body, molecules begin to vibrate, causing them to start to expel the toxins, fat and impurities from your cells into your blood stream. These are released from your body in the form of sweat. The result is an incredible detoxifying effect at a cellular level. Benefits of Oxygen’s Infrared Heat include improved skin elasticity, a stronger immune system, less fatigue, fat loss, reduced water retention, and a great way to lose weight by burning 35% more calories!


Classes are inclusive for people from all walks of life.  Anyone is welcome from kids to seniors.  A typical yogi can come in for meditation and add any of the various fitness practices.  The studio has its own special energy that helps to hearten and inspire those in practice.

The atmosphere in the classes is warm and tranquil, a haven of comfort even in the worst weather that allows members to leave their worries outside.  Yoga is practiced along with music in a cleansing environment that members find helpful in raising their inner consciousness.  Regular members use the mantras that are put out each week to help them connect with their inner selves.

Classes are arranged from Level 1 through Level 3.  The levels are determined by the student’s capability.  Level 1 is for those new to yoga or who want a slower and easier practice.  This level can include those recovering from an injury or those who are feeling low on energy.  Level 2 is for those with some basic experience in poses and who exercise regularly.  The classes are structured to flow from one exercise to the next, whether in yoga or in another fitness style class.  The Level 3 classes are for those who want more of a challenge.  Members at this level have a good understanding of poses and exercises and can adapt to the more difficult poses.

Our mix of 23 different yoga and fusion classes means that members never get tired of the same dull fitness routine. Classes like Hot Power Core, Fusion Classes and Broga – workouts they won’t see at any other fitness studio. Members improve technique, burn off that extra 5 pounds and stretch with a group of supportive fitness experts and members who all want to have a great time and stay fit.


i-love-my-lifeOur classes are a combination of Yoga and Fitness.   Our focus is to guide members through their practice and to teach them how to channel their energy in a positive way.  These theories through a physical practical outlet, will allow people to identify how  an active lifestyle promotes health and happiness.  This translates into learning how  to take time for yourself. Yoga and fitness will promotes a sense of fulfillment  and enhance your daily outlook through this physical practice. At the end of each class we encourage members to voice “I Love My Life” out loud, while making the shape of the heart with a hand.



The Oxygen business model allows people to create outlets and opportunities to channel their energy in a healthy and positive way.  By collaborating the physical and mental aspects , allows a strong foundation for business. Using this model creates an opportunity for business, as there is always a demand for health and fitness.  Health and fitness  is here to stay!  Fitness trends are always evolving!   It is Oxygen’s responsibility to bring awareness to these changes and offer opportunities,  while introducing these new programs.  The key component to success within this business is continuing to be slightly ahead of the “trend.”  Oxygen Yoga and Fitness continues to demonstrate leadership amongst our competitors.   We have proven systems that have created a following from members, sports teams, media and strong business affiliates.   Our Name Oxygen Yoga and FITNESS allows for the company to layer and grow with new concepts and trends.  These new concepts can be adopted and added to current schedule platform, or can be deleted based on lack of interest when trends change.   Oxygen Yoga and Fitness has the capability to be franchised nationally with a goal of 125 locations within the next 2 years and  to have licensed operations throughout the USA and other international markets in this same 2 year time frame.


Start Loving Your Life as an Oxygen Yoga and Fitness Franchisee

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